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Undisturbed land

Thanks to Gemer's ideal location on the border of several national parks, its greatest attraction is the incredibly beautiful nature there.

Deeply cut into limestones and dolomites and containing numerous waterfalls, the karst gorges of Suchá Belá and Veľký Sokol in the southern part of Slovak Paradise National Park are considered to be the most beautiful in Slovakia.

Rare natural heritage

Slovakia has a remarkable variety of minerals, healing springs and thermal waters.
On our nation's land, which comprises an area of just 49,035 km2,
there are nearly 2,000 mineral springs currently registered.

The land where time stood still

Gemerka mineral water originates in the heart of the wilderness on the border of several national parks. However, Gemer is not only beautiful from above. As a matter of fact, it is the uniqueness of what lies underground at Gemer that has made it famous worldwide. A complex of unique caves and a number of healing springs are characteristic for this area.





Mineral content

Cations mg/l Anions mg/l
Ca2+ 433 HCO3- 1775
Mg2+ 131 SO42- 364
Na+ 105 CI- 39,7
K+ 18,0 NO3- <1
NH4+ 1,22 NO2- <0,01

A substantial source
of calcium

439 mg/l for strong bones and teeth, which is especially appreciated by pregnant and nursing women and those with increased physical stress

High in magnesium

134 mg/l - an important aid in fighting stress

Rich in

1800 mg/l, thereby fighting against acidification and improving the metabolism

What role does calcium play in our body?

  • It is an important building block for healthy bones and teeth
  • It is irreplaceable for the healthy functioning of cells, muscles and neurotransmission
  • It lowers cholesterol levels and helps to promote magnesium absorption
  • It supports hormonal balance and the immune system
  • It helps prevent high blood pressure

Why is it important to have magnesium in our body?

  • Magnesium is involved in over 300 biological processes
  • It is necessary for activating a number of enzymes (e.g. serotonin - the happy hormone)
  • It strengthens your immunity, the nervous system and contributes to allergy prevention
  • It helps fight free radicals
  • It contributes to hormonal activity
  • It is important for cell regeneration
  • It prevents migraines and stones in the urinary tract

How do bicarbonates help the body?

  • They neutralise the acidic environment in the body
  • They increase the alkaline reserve in the bloodstream
  • They improve your metabolism
  • They are especially good for diabetics - they increase the effect of insulin
  • They are great for preventing the formation of stones in the urinary tract
  • When used with a mouth rinse, they have positive effects on the respiratory tract